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Cylinder Re-Boring

We at P.J Motorcycle Engineers LTD do on average 30 - 40 Rebores a week from 50cc mopeds to 1300cc Harley Davidson's So what! I hear you say Anyone can do a rebore can't they? Why should you send your cylinder to P.J Motorcycle Engineers?
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Well here is why...

  1. I've seen freshly bored cylinders with to much piston clearance.
  2. Port edges not dressed which would eat the piston rings alive.
  3. Cylinders which have not been honed and out of round.
  4. I've seen cylinders that have had their coatings bored out of them then ran!
  5. Cylinders bored out on a lathe.

Image is 2 of our 3 Honing Machines


We only use SPS Re-boring machines that can bore from 35m/m up to 120m/m.

We have 4 Horizontal honing machines, 1 Sunnen MBB1660

And 3 Tried and trusted Delapena Speed Hone And 3 portable Honing Heads.

All of our cylinders are bored from the base that is the right way! We then remove the last 2-3 thou of material by honing the cylinder surface according to the type of piston/rings used, This ensures a perfect ring seal, all ports edges are then chamfered and Exhaust bridges relieved. The cylinder then goes though a 3 stage cleaning process to remove all traces of honing past and swarf.

You can be sure that as Motorcycle Engineers we have the right equipment to take care of your Cylinders and we pride ourselves on our Workmanship.

Image is our SPS Re-boring Machines


So whether it's a single cylinder, 2 Stroke, or a multi Cylinder 4 Stroke, Quality is our priority.

Re-bore, hone & dress ports ETC £60.00 + VAT+ The Price Of The Piston Kit.

We Can Supply Most Pistons From Prox, Mitaka, Wiseco And Wossner, Vertex ETC.

If The Customer Wants To Supply Their Own Piston There MAY Be A Surcharged Of £15.00 + Vat Per Bore If The Cylinder Does Not Clean Up At The Supplied Piston Size, This Is To Cover The Extra Work Of Taking The Cylinder On And Off The Machine And Dealing With The Extra Work Involved With The Customer.

We Don't Do Re-Bores To Outboard Engines Or Any Aircraft Type Engines

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