Crankshafts for single cylinder two stroke engines consist of Counter weights, thrust washers, crank pin, big end Bearing and a connecting rod. These components must be assembled to Exact specifications. Even 1 tho out of specification will cause vibration. Vibration will rob you of your horsepower, reliability and it drastically reduces engine life.

I’ve seen brand new factory crankshafts off by as much as 5 thou centre to centre, The record goes to a local competitor who thought that 15 thousanth of an inch was close enough!


We've assembled hundreds of crankshafts to specifications as close as 1 tenth of a thou! This takes patience, time, and experience. Don't trust this type of precision work to the first person you meet with a press and hammer.

This is why you should trust your crank shaft with us.

We are motorcycle engineers we don't sell helmets or gloves etc we only sell engine parts and know how to fit them right.


Crank Re-Building Labour Only + Parts IE Con Rod Kit Bearings Etc

Single Crank Re-build £60.00 + VAT (£72.00 Inc vat)

Twin Crank Re-build from £90.00 + VAT (£108.00 Inc vat)

Triple Crank Re-build from £120 + VAT (£144.00 Inc vat)

GT380 GT550 GT750 Strip Rebuild Only No Parts £200 + VAT (£240.00 Inc vat)