How To Contact Us At PJME

How To Contact Us At PJME

Please Read before contacting us.

If your question is about an order you have placed on our website could we ask that you email us with your order number and we will assist you. Please don't call us to check the status of an order, Email is the best route for that.

If your question is about our services we offer EG Re-Boring, Cranks and Cylinders ETC it may be best to call us on the phone and have a chat as we often need to ask you technical questions and we can cover more ground over the phone. This is not to say don't Email us or we will not reply to Emails but as our work is so labour intensive we do not always have the time to respond to our E-Mails as fast as customers require.

If you have purchased the parts from us we offer free advice over the phone, this is only if you have brought parts from us and we will require an invoice or the last 4 digits of your order number to verify this, so please have this to hand when you call.

If your enquiry is about jetting, how to set your engine up or to ask why your bike is not running right please don't Email us or call us. Sorry if this sounds harsh but we cannot remotely diagnose your bike Via the phone or via Email it is just not possible or practical. We don't repair bikes or offer any servicing or fitting of parts, we are solely motorcycle engineers who work on engine parts (cranks and cylinders) and provide parts.

Telephone: 01902 307457

Mobile Number For WhatsApp Messaging: 07884274838 Note This Phone Does Not Receive Incoming Calls

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PJ Motorcycle Engineers LTD

21 Rookery Street



WV11 1UN

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Monday To Friday 9am Till 5:30pm

Closed Saturday And Sunday

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