Engine Rebuilding

Engine Rebuilding
Unfortunately as of Wednesday, 25 April 2012 we have stopped rebuilding engines therefore are no longer taking on any engine rebuilding work for the foresee able future. We are still continuing to carry out all re-bore, re-sleeving, re-plating and crank re-building work.
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We at P.J. Motorcycle Engineers are very familiar with the home Doctor operation performed on Engines.

We in fact admire the “Have a go” approach but would also suggest that to go into the unknown doesn’t necessarily save you money. Mistakes can be mighty expensive.

At PJME we solely perform the tasks that we know best, preparing and repairing Two Stroke Engines. We have invested heavily into specialist tools and machinery to perform these mechanical operations correctly. Even simple tasks like removing Flywheels have only one right way and countless wrong ways.

Cylinders and

Cylinders and
Cylinders and Crankshafts are every day items here at P.J.Motorcycle engineers and whilst they appear tough pieces of machinery they are in fact delicately set up precision instruments that need to be rebuilt with care.

Have you noticed that you will often have bolts and washers left at the end of a maintenance task?

These add weight to the overall package and in a weight saving industry they must carry a purpose.


Expert knowledge is essential, engines have only one way to go back together. We have seen to many disasters that could have been avoided with an experienced hand to strip and build the Engines.

Expensive disasters ranging from broken Crankcases through heavy handed rebuilds or separations, Engines that go in two gears at once because one of the many shims is fitted in the wrong order, or a gear fitted back to front!

P.J. Motorcycle Engineers can relieve you of these misadventures, and are happy to perform an Exploratory Examination on your Engine and report the damage prior to continuing.

leave it to the experts!

leave it to the experts!
Don't leave it to chance, leave it to the experts!


Strip And Rebuild Single 2 stroke Aprilia RS125 KX,CR,YZ,RM ETC £125.00 + parts Strip And Rebuild Twin 2 stroke RD350LC YPVS ETC £150.00 + parts

Sorry We Do Not Work On 4 Stroke Engines

All prices are Plus VAT And Parts

Note for Moto-X engines that are 10+ years old

Moto-x engines by their nature are worked very hard and have often been rebuilt quite a few times. This can be a problem as the area where the main bearings fit into the cases can be slack; cylinders that have issues with cracks in them, the crank pin hole also can go oval due to having been rebuilt more than 3 times in its life. Many of the hard parts of the engine will be worn out IE selector forks, gear dogs, water pump shaft, kick start gears ETC To replace these parts would make the engine uneconomical to repair.

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